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    A practical work background carries a major significance when attempting to enter the job market. Doing an internship helped author get exposed to new people in a more controlled and stable  environment. The principal objective of doing internship project is to work on a real-world web application, strictly following agile values and principles. WYESHR internship project is named after the client organization name whose small step is to collect data of child marriages and women status in some parts of our country and aware the people about their rights. As survey is conducted, programs are conducted in different place to aware people about the various social topics. To keep records of the events conducted and the survey they take, this system is made. Using this system, employees of WYESHR are able of take child marriage survey and attendance of events from the mobile application. Once the mobile application is connected to the internet, data could be exported to the server. This system is made such that employees of WYESHR can generate a report and help in making decision to take right action in that area.


    Project: BipinMhzn/internship-project

    Report: Final Internship Project Report


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