• Mero Token

    This is my 7th Semester BSc. CSIT Final Year Project.

    The project Mero Token is developed in Ethereum platform in order to develop an ERC20 standard token and initiate the initial coin offering in a crowd sale. Its main concern is to remove the third-party trust issue between the investor and the company and therefore initiate the crowd fund in easy and fast way. Any tokens developed in ERC20 standard can be exchanged with each other. “Mero” token costs ether to buy it which acts as a fund raising for crowd sale. In real world, investors buy into ICOs in the hope of quick and powerful returns on their investments.


    • Code own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain
    • Create own ERC20 token and crowd sale with Ethereum smart contracts
    • Build an ICO website
    • Enable users to transfer, approve and transferFrom tokens


    Project Completed In Collaboration With: Sonish Maharjan

    Github Project: Mero Token


    Home Page:

    Buy Asset page:

    Sequence Diagram:


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